Virtual Reality Hardware: 'The Goblin'

'The Goblin' is a fully featured virtual reality headset that folds down to pocket sized. I designed The Goblin and developed the Kickstarter campaign which launched in February 2016. Goblin VR was met with great interest becaused of it's unique and compact design and was featured in Maxim and Metro UK.

Veeso: Face Tracking Virtual Reality Headset


I was commissioned to design and build a unique mobile-ready headset for virtual reality start-up Veeso which featured on Kickstarter. The headset was designed to have built-in face tracking sensors and cameras capable of capturing the user’s emotions and facial expressions and conveying them to a virtual avatar.


Goblin VR Kickstarter

Check out the 3D model of The Goblin on Sketchfab. Scroll through it's unique features for more detail.

Kickstarter Video

Check out the Kickstarter video for Goblin VR, which I filmed, edited and produced.


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